I am an artist… with a particular interest in challenging ideas and the expression of that challenge orally. I create collaborative work with people who have something to say and a need or willingness to say it publicly; people with specific topic knowledge and expertise that’s of interest to me. The final work is performed as a digital recording or podcast.

The performer is my creative material; collaboratively we capture their ideas in a script – as a theatrical oral portrayal.

The podcast episodes are the instrument I use to explore how we communicate complex ideas orally.

our manifest galaxy

As billionaires like Elon Musk ramp up their efforts to colonise Mars, questions about colonising space and space exploration have become more important than ever. But is space ours to explore and conquer at any cost? Who gets to decide who colonises space? Is the Earth ours to destroy, or does it form an integral part of who we are? How do our journeys into space inform the way we see ourselves, and Earth, the very being which gave us life?

‘our manifest galaxy’ is an oral performance designed to bring the audience squarely into the conversation about space exploration and colonisation.

Dear Jane… you’ve been a kind friend

When you are confined to a detention centre in the UK, you have no idea when you will be released. Some people are held for several years. I struggled with the idea that the UK, a first world developed nation, could intentionally detain someone indefinitely. In particular the knowledge that unlike a prison term, there is no end date for detention. It’s indefinite.

‘Dear Jane… you’ve been a kind friend’ is an oral performance designed to challenge the morality of indefinite detention.