Who can be a performer in an oral performance?

Anyone who has something to say and a desire or willingness to say it publicly; someone who:

  • is keen to change the way we think about a particular topic;
  • has a desire to be heard and believes in themselves;
  • knows their topic intimately and can explore ideas creatively;
  • is willing to challenge boundaries;
  • is willing to share their surplus wealth (knowledge) in excess of their essential need; 
  • is light on their feet intellectually (what you do with what you know);
  • has a specific audience or knowledge of an audience for their message;
  • understands that creating an oral performance can be challenging, both emotionally and intellectually; and
  • understands the benefits of working collaboratively.

If you think this could be you or you know someone who might be interested, please use the contact form below to get in touch.

“where the oral determines the particularity of the form, storying is the form” – Pamela Neil

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