… an interesting thought. 

Something will catch my eye as I wander through my day. It might be buried in the rhetoric of others but, like any unexamined gem, its enigmatic brilliance is intoxicating; creating an intellectual black hole.

For me, words are windows into ideas; as you step into a word it opens up a world to explore; like looking through an illuminated window in the dark of the night, you become spellbound by what you see.

Pamela was born in Australia and originally studied philosophy at the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales. She created her first (live) oral performance in 2000 titled, ‘China: another point of view’ and moved to England in 2001. She is currently developing new works looking at aspects of migration, what ‘a good death’ would look like, being white, entitlement, giving ‘consent’, the ‘walls’ we build (and there are many including Israel and the US), the expulsion of the Jews by Edward 1 in 1290, (amongst others) to be performed as podcasts (audio). Pamela lives in Sydney, Australia.

The oral form creates a very particular construct of meaning. As distinct from a text written to be read, in the oral an extra dimension of meaning is captured. It’s at the moment of expression that sense or meaning is made of what we say.” – Pamela Neil