If you have something to say, or know someone who may have something to say and a desire or need to say it publicly, on any topic particularly those with an ethical or moral dimension, I would be interested in talking with you. 

The following are topics I have created performances about and topics I am currently exploring: 

  • adoption – what is driving adoption today
  • anthropocene epocha new geological epoch from 1950
  • artificial intelligencethe moral framework, who sets it
  • Chagos Islands – what it means to belong; the right of return
  • colonising space – is space terra nullius;  where would sovereignty lie
  • conflict zones – the footprint left by academics doing field work
  • data literacy – who has to be data literate and why
  • employment – commercial roles and relationships
  • genome editing – what are some of the outcomes from editing interventions
  • indigenous people – ways of being
  • integration – participating in your local community
  • migration – what are the arguments for and against the right to roam freely globally
  • Palestine – living in Gaza
  • personality disorder – what it means to be diagnosed with a personality disorder
  • poverty – how do we reconcile (social & economic) advantage & disadvantage
  • privilege – explaining (life chances) opportunity (to those with no access)
  • public trust – roles and responsibilities
  • social contract – sacrificing individual freedom in exchange for social benefits
  • social valuethe value others place on our contribution as peoples globally
  • statelessness – where do you live when not considered a national by any state
  • returned soldiers – what happens to our young when they return from war

This list is not exhaustive. As an artist I am always looking for people with thoughts and ideas they want to turn into an oral performance, whatever the topic.

Tell me something I don’t already know, can’t find and read; something that would cause me to stop and think; something that will enable social change.