‘..if storying Legends tell aright,
Once fram’d a rich Elixir of Delight’

  • † storying. to tell [or utter]2 as a story [archaic]
  • the oral form creates a very particular construct of meaning. As distinct from a text written to be read, in the oral an extra dimension of meaning is captured. It’s at the moment of expression that sense or meaning is made of what we say – the oral as art.
  • intimate knowledge of a topic is not enough when curating your own work; as a curator curates an exhibition, storying is about selecting and arranging ideas to achieve a particular outcome or meaning; what you say (about what you know), why and how you say it.
  • storying, an archaic term, describes a process; a way of translating ideas into an oral form.
  • where the oral predetermines the particularity of the form storying is the form.

‘…the colours are put in after the white.’3

  1. S T Coleridge, Kisses, 1793
  2. tell – verb trans, Utter (words)
  3. D C Lau, Confucius The Analects, 1979, 3:8