What does a performer in an oral performance installation look like?

They could be someone who:

  • is desperate to change the way we think about a particular topic;
  • is intellectually and emotionally light on their feet;
  • knows their topic intimately – can play with the ideas;
  • has a performance burning a hole in the pocket of their soul;
  • is willing to challenge boundaries;
  • owns the original thoughts and ideas – owns the message;
  • has an audience or knowledge of an audience for their message;
  • does not currently believe they have an effective platform or voice;
  • knows and understands that it won’t be a walk in the park creating an oral  performance – emotionally and intellectually;
  • works or understands the benefits of working collaboratively and creatively;
  • wants to be heard; and
  • believes in themselves.

Their desire, as the performer, to get up and say something about their topic (whatever it might be) will be almost all consuming; almost stronger than the desire of their audience to hear it. 

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