‘happy families, the conversations we’re not having about adoption’, Bristol and London

On Saturday 23 September 2017 & Saturday 28 October 2017, Sarah Phillimore gave thought-provoking performances of ‘happy families – the conversations we’re not having about adoption’ at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol and the Depot in London. You can watch a video of the performance, see the image gallery, listen to an audio recording, and read press coverage, an article below.

The performance was designed and created by artist Pamela Neil. Please visit the work page to find dates for upcoming performances of ‘happy families‘. 


Bristol – Arnolfini Gallery

London – The Depot



Read the amazing article by Euella Jackson, Rife Magazine, following the performance. 



“I was a bit sceptical about how this format would work – but it did. It was brilliantly crafted to enable the message to come across at a digestible pace and with impact – and it made me reflect on familiar themes in ways I hadn’t before. It was really powerful and provoked some genuine conversation afterwards.”

Lucy Reed – Bristol

“I enjoyed the opportunity to listen to an expert in the field, for an extended period of time, without being interrupted. It compares to a good radio documentary and allows me to develop my thinking. The talk has stayed with me and I have continued to think about it and to discuss it with colleagues at work (an adoption agency).”

Sarah Socks – Bristol

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