happy families, the conversations we’re not having about adoption

Sarah Phillimore wrote:

On 23rd September 2017 with curiosity and trepidation, I will become a ‘performer’ in a ‘unique live oral communication performance’ created by the artist Pamela Neil (www.pamelaneil.co.uk), looking at some of the issues around child protection and adoption. Continue reading →

art form

When creating a piece of work, I find myself face to face with the same question, usually raised by someone else but invariably playing away quietly in the back of my mind, reminding me that I must be vigilant about not forgetting to deal adequately with this term in relation to my work.

What do I mean by ‘art form’ when describing where the pieces I create are situated?

The Online Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines art form as – art [noun(1)] phrases: [cf. German Kunstform] (a) an established form of composition (e.g. novel, sonata, sonnet, triptych); (b) a medium of artistic expression. Continue reading →

storying: your live oral communication

You have something to say, you want to say it live and publicly and, you want your message to be delivered with maximum affect1

You have a topic, one that you may or may not know well and a vast amount of information some of which is relevant and a good deal that in reality won’t be relevant to the live oral2 performance3 you are about to give.

The only other issue that is important is that you will be communicating your message or thoughts and ideas to your audience orally. A crucial point, as it will determine how you proceed.

So, where do you begin?

How do you create your content when communicating ideas live and orally? Continue reading →

storytelling – the activity of telling stories

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines storyteller as – a person who tells a story or stories; a person who tells anecdotes; a writer of stories. E18 – the performer.

In storying your thoughts and ideas for a live oral communication performance you become the storyteller or performer.

Where storytelling is about telling stories, storying is about creating the stories you tell live and orally. Continue reading →