storytelling – the activity of telling stories

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines storyteller as – a person who tells a story or stories; a person who tells anecdotes; a writer of stories. E18 – the performer.

In storying your thoughts and ideas for a live oral communication performance you become the storyteller or performer.

Where storytelling is about telling stories, storying is about creating the stories you tell live and orally.

Storying – to tell [or utter] as a story [archaic],1 is about gathering the (ingredients) particular thoughts and ideas (content) and arranging those thoughts and ideas (for a live genre2 – platform) in such a way as to ensure maximum impact (delivery) with the intended audience when communicated live and orally.

Storying is about creating a magic potion3that is delivered live and orally; a poem, a song, a work of art, a piece of music…

You as the performer have something particular you want to say live and orally. To ensure the outcome you want is achieved you need to gather the right ingredients and mix them into an ‘Elixir of Delight’ that you deliver to your audience.

As an artist I work with performers, storying their thoughts and ideas into live oral communication performances. You become the storyteller.

If you have something to say and want to say it publicly, contact me.

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  1. Shorter Oxford English Dictionary
  2. genre – kind, type; esp. style or category of painting, novel, film etc., characterised by a particular form or purpose; spec. a style of painting depicting scenes of ordinary life.
  3. compound’ is the ‘Elixir’ the ‘eyeless Chemist’ created in S T Coleridge’s poem Kisses.

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