let me paint your portrait

I am an artist1 working in the oral form. I create, from your material, an image of your thoughts and ideas that you communicate live and orally to your audience.

In this unique form, the oral communication performance, you have the freedom to express your own message without the constraints inherent in a more prescriptive method.2

The live oral communication performance as an art form enables you the performer to express directly to each individual member of your audience, your own personal and unique interpretation of the message being communicated. It allows you to paint, in the minds of your audience, an image of the thoughts and ideas you want to communicate.

And to be realistic what other option do you have, if you want to have an intellectually intimate conversation live and orally with a number of people individually and collectively?

Public speaking, a lecture or a presentation come to mind as those options currently available. But surely you aren’t telling me that you can squeeze what you want to say into that type of literal punctilious 3 form?

I think public speaking, lectures and the like have their place. Particularly where, as the speaker or lecturer you want to retain a jaw like control over what your audience take away; what they understand of what you are saying; where you don’t want anyone wandering off intellectually, independently arriving at their own conclusions; or where perhaps you are insecure about outcomes and need to know that the message delivered is contained.

You won’t get any of that in the live oral communication performance. In fact about the only thing you do have control over is your fear. Once you commit to the form, as your form of choice, fear is no longer relevant. The form in which your thoughts and ideas are delivered becomes an expression or likeness4 of you.

You have the intellectual freedom to seduce your audience in whatever way is meaningful to you and relevant to them – it’s art.

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  1. portrait – a thing which or person who represents, typifies, or resembles another; an image, a representation, a likeness. A verbal picture of representation; a graphic or vivid description.
  2. method – a mode of procedure; a defined or systematic way of doing a thing, esp. (with specifying word or words) in accordance with a particular theory or as associated with a particular person.
  3. punctilious – attentive to minor details of  action or behaviour; strictly observant of formality or etiquette.
  4. likeness – a shape or form like or identified as something, a semblance or guise of.

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