in on the Act 2

A performance installation at the Greenroom, Manchester UK, exploring a research project in a former child soldier camp in Sri Lanka. Three months after the project, the young men who took part were massacred by local villagers. The piece of work performed by James Thompson deals with questions of responsibility, memory and healing, all of which are central to the dilemma and complexity of working in war zones. 1

‘…it was a fascinating evening and it certainly captured remarkably effectively the dilemma, the puzzlement, the search for the ‘truth’ of what happened in the camp, why and by whom, and ultimately the irresolvability of the events that tool place. When the key photo was shown, that was an excellent moment, all the more so because the visual and the verbal were so vitally interdependent; completely absorbing; it left you wanting to know more…2

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  1. performer – Professor James Thompson, University of Manchester, UK.
  2. member of the audience – Tony Jackson, Manchester

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