how to communicate orally

The Online Shorter Oxford Dictionary defines ‘effective’ as, making a strong impression; striking, vivid.  C.S.Forester – he judged that…silence would be more effective than speech. J.Conrad – the white stairs, the deep crimson of the carpet, and the light blue of the dress made an effective combination of colour. It means having an impact; a powerful impact; it means that effective oral communication is communication that makes a strong impression; is striking, is vivid.

How do you communicate effectively?1 thoughts and ideas orally to your audience?

How do you influence your communication to ensure it creates a strong impression?  

You tell them (your audience) what (they think) they want to hear about the thoughts and ideas you want to communicate to them.

Ah. I hear you ask, how do you know what (they think) they want to hear?

You ask. What would you want to hear if you were the audience to your message; what is it about  what you want to communicate to them orally; the thoughts and ideas, that you think you should be told, as the audience to your message? What was it about the thoughts and ideas, the message you are about to communicate that captured your imagination?

You tell them. What they would want to hear about what you know.

And the key to communicating effectively thoughts and ideas orally is reconciling these two parts – what you want to say with what they (your audience) want to hear, about what you want to say. You put yourself in the minds of your audience and you tell them what you see when you do.

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  1. effectively, an adverb – the degree to which the communication is effective; has an impact; is powerful

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