art form

When creating a piece of work, I find myself face to face with the same question, usually raised by someone else but invariably playing away quietly in the back of my mind, reminding me that I must be vigilant about not forgetting to deal adequately with this term in relation to my work.

What do I mean by ‘art form’ when describing where the pieces I create are situated?

The Online Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines art form as – art [noun(1)] phrases: [cf. German Kunstform] (a) an established form of composition (e.g. novel, sonata, sonnet, triptych); (b) a medium of artistic expression.

The beauty, for me, of situating my work in art1 is the freedom it gives me and the performer to express our thoughts and ideas without any predetermined parameters.2 There are no limits to the live oral communication performances we create together as artist and performer, other than those set by the audience themselves.

Each piece of work is the creative expression of the performer and their own thoughts and ideas; each piece of work is created as an installation, similar to any contemporary installation you would find in an art gallery only my work manifests as a live oral communication performance. At each performance you can walk around it, you can examine any aspect of it in real time, you can touch it, you can pull it apart, you can approach it from any direction or perspective at any time. It is there for you to explore, examining closely the relationship you have with what you are hearing.

My next performance, titled ‘happy families, the conversations we’re not having about adoption’, performed by Sarah Phillimore, is at the Arnolfini in Bristol (18:30-20:30, Saturday 23 September 2017 – www.pamelaneil/work).

  1. art – 6. a pursuit or occupation in which skill is directed towards the production of a work of imagination, imitation, or design, or towards the gratification of the aesthetic senses; the products of any such pursuit. L16
  2. 7. a distinguishing or defining characteristic or feature, esp. one that may be measured or quantified; an element or aspect of something; a boundary. a limit. E20.

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