an oral communication performer

so, you have something to say?

You’ll have a story that may or may not be written down about something important to you; thoughts and ideas that play a crucial role in your life emotionally, intellectually and if you are lucky, professionally.

But, you won’t have identified a platform that you believe works best for you; you won’t know how to go about creating the ultimate performance for communicating those thoughts and ideas you feel so strongly and passionately about, to the audience who should hear them.

But, you will know that it’s burning a hole in the pocket of your mind; that you have something that must be shared with others.

how would you find me?

You’ll probably resort to talking to friends, colleagues or even googling terms that you are familiar with; terms that you think might elicit some useful information, such as –  public speaking training/courses/classes, how to improve communication skills, communication skills training, how to communicate effectively, getting your message across, knowing only too well that these google terms or phrases do not come close to what it is you are looking for.

However, as a good first step, you have at least acknowledged the need to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others live and orally, which is the hardest part. Believe it or not it is actually easy from here.

Live oral communication performance is a form of creative expression. You won’t find a result in google if you put oral communication performance into your search engine. But it is a very good way of raising the profile of a debate or issue.

what you do know?

You do know that a traditional communication platform is not what you’re looking for. You  do know that you don’t want to stand up in front of your audience and communicate complex thoughts and ideas that form part of your intellectual and emotional life in a traditional form – lecture, public speaking presentation etc., etc. You are looking for something different; something that recognises their value and acknowledges the important role they play in the current debate.

If you are going to ask your audience to consider another point of view; another perspective; to view differently the current discourse, you can’t simply present sameness and ask them to consider difference. You have to walk the talk.

Show them what can be done with your thoughts and ideas.

who am I looking for?

I am looking for someone who has something to say and wants to say it publicly; someone with thoughts and ideas they want to communicate to an audience live and orally; someone who wants to create an oral communication performance.

Do you have a story you want to tell?

If you have something to say and want to say it publicly contact me on +44(0)7795566227or

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