performing, truth and talking

Sarah Phillimore wrote:

On 23rd September 2017 at the Arnolfini, Bristol
 I will be performing for the very first time a unique oral performance installation that doesn’t involve dry law lectures or angry ranting on Twitter. Neither activity has done much to promote wider and better conversations about the child protection system. To my sorrow the recent furore over The Times reporting about the Christian child and the Muslim foster carers demonstrates just how dry the well of public debate has become about such important issues.

I am really pleased to say we now have a full house  for the performance on 23 September 2017 – and I am even more pleased to note the majority are NOT my friends or family so presumably they are drawn to the subject matter itself and think that this is worth an hour or two of their lives.

We are also performing the same piece in London on 28 October 2017 at The Depot on Upper Clapton Road – again, its free to come but you will need to register for tickets. Continue reading →