happy families, the conversations we’re not having about adoption

Sarah Phillimore wrote:

On 23rd September 2017 with curiosity and trepidation, I will become a ‘performer’ in a ‘unique live oral communication performance’ created by the artist Pamela Neil (www.pamelaneil.co.uk), looking at some of the issues around child protection and adoption. Continue reading →

art form

When creating a piece of work, I find myself face to face with the same question, usually raised by someone else but invariably playing away quietly in the back of my mind, reminding me that I must be vigilant about not forgetting to deal adequately with this term in relation to my work.

What do I mean by ‘art form’ when describing where the pieces I create are situated?

The Online Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines art form as – art [noun(1)] phrases: [cf. German Kunstform] (a) an established form of composition (e.g. novel, sonata, sonnet, triptych); (b) a medium of artistic expression. Continue reading →