let me paint your portrait

I am an artist1 working in the oral form. I create, from your material, an image of your thoughts and ideas that you communicate live and orally to your audience.

In this unique form, the oral communication performance, you have the freedom to express your own message without the constraints inherent in a more prescriptive method.2

The live oral communication performance as an art form enables you the performer to express directly to each individual member of your audience, your own personal and unique interpretation of the message being communicated. It allows you to paint, in the minds of your audience, an image of the thoughts and ideas you want to communicate. Continue reading →

how to communicate orally

The Online Shorter Oxford Dictionary defines ‘effective’ as, making a strong impression; striking, vivid.  C.S.Forester – he judged that…silence would be more effective than speech. J.Conrad – the white stairs, the deep crimson of the carpet, and the light blue of the dress made an effective combination of colour. It means having an impact; a powerful impact; it means that effective oral communication is communication that makes a strong impression; is striking, is vivid.

How do you communicate effectively?1 thoughts and ideas orally to your audience?

How do you influence your communication to ensure it creates a strong impression?  

You tell them (your audience) what (they think) they want to hear about the thoughts and ideas you want to communicate to them.

Ah. I hear you ask, how do you know what (they think) they want to hear? Continue reading →

dear Jane… you have been a kind friend

I agreed to produce a piece of work for Detention Action that could be used to persuade their supporters to campaign for a change in the government’s policy on indefinite detention.

Detention Action’s message was simple enough, ‘indefinite detention (of  migrants) doesn’t work:… it’s immoral‘. Finding a way of delivering the complexities of this message orally, and there were many, was a little less simple. 

Some very serious human rights issues that relate to the government’s policy on detaining migrants indefinitely were raised. These needed to be considered and where appropriate dealt with in the oral performance created. Continue reading →