one of our ain

In a piece of ‘ground breaking theatre, in a unique performance‘ Sandra Brown, OBE and former Scotswoman of the Year, shares with the audience the story of her childhood growing up in a small community profoundly affected by the disappearance of one small child Moira Anderson.

‘From the moment she stepped on to the stage Sandra had the first-night sell-out audience eating out of her hands’ . [Evening Times – Glasgow]

In 2006 I created an oral performance for Sandra Brown OBE titled ‘One of Our Ain1  about her life living as the daughter of a paedophile. Sandra asked me to turn her book, Where there is Evil, into an oral communication performance that she could deliver live to different audiences around the UK and beyond.  Continue reading →

the art of public speaking

The Online Shorter Oxford Dictionary (OSOD) says of art1 – a pursuit or occupation in which skill is directed towards the production of a work of imagination, imitation, or design, or towards the gratification of the aesthetic2 senses; the product of any such pursuit.

Art is about capturing the imagination by whatever means appropriate to the form being used for the expression. In the example of public speaking the form in which the imagination would be captured would be oral. It becomes the instrument3 of the expression.
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fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking consistently tops every list of human fears. In an often-cited 1993 study done by the polling firm Bruskin-Goldring, forty five percent of those surveyed said they feared public speaking. Thirty percent said they feared death.1 In a study of 3,000 American published in the Book of Lists the number one fear cited by forty one percent of those studied was speaking to an audience.2

Why do we have a fear public speaking?

Many factors can contribute to a fear of public speaking but a crucial one is a fear of outcomes. Continue reading →