the imperfect performer or public speaker 

Some people, when they stand to speak or communicate orally,1 use words they believe they have attached to a thought or idea they want to communicate to their audience.

In reality, when they stand to speak or communicate thoughts and ideas orally, all they are communicating are words. There is no correlation between the idea in their head and the words being uttered2 live as sound.3 4 5 They have not translated their thoughts and ideas into an oral form. Continue reading →

oral communication… is like trying to catch a cloud

The oral as a performative utterance or more traditionally, public speaking, oral communication, etc., is about capturing sound both as performer and as audience.

When you stand to speak or share an idea live and orally with someone else, you are performing an utterance of that idea fashioned as sound.

And, because the utterance is sound-based when you perform it live, the sound of that idea vanishes the moment it has been uttered.

This bears significantly on what you say, why and how you say it, when you stand to speak to your audience. It is the one single factor that determines how you proceed when communicating orally and live. Continue reading →